The ultimate employee benefit: Inflation-Resistant Salaries [tm]. Caliber is critical to attract and retain the best talent. Let the value your employees receive for their work keep up with the growth of markets and keep them around for the long haul.

Any Asset Wages

Legacy wages are 100% cash. With Caliber, you enable your employees to build a composite standard of value based on the assets they want to receive. The base of the salary remains in dollars, but the rest is specified in fixed quantities of alternative assets. This goes well beyond what any benefit plan can offer. We manage the non-dollar assets off your books, allowing plug-n-play integration with your existing payroll system and no tax liabilities.

Forward Contract Portfolio Management

We automate the purchase and settlement of the assets, holding 100%-backed reserves of the assets your employees choose.Assets for a rolling agreement period of 15 months are held. Each payroll period, we deliver assets to your employees and acquire the additional assets needed to remain neutral.As a non-compensation, non-benefit plan, Caliber is unregulated outside of general accounting and contract laws.

Caliber Intermediates Counterparty Risk

We build in key restrictions and incentive structures into our platform that ensure both employer and employee are able to move forward, ensuring long term stability.

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